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Industrial Warehouse Dock Lights & Safety Lights

Industrial Dock Light Supply is dedicated to providing a wide variety of warehouse dock lights arms, heads, and signals for use in and around industrial applications. Industrial dock Light supply's Loading Dock lights are offered in an assortment of light head styles and arm lengths, whether assembled or unassembled, we work to to suit your needs. We also offer a wide assortment of warning lights which are flashing, rotating and strobe in addition to warning devices such as back-up alarms and sirens. Often found on fork lifts, emergency vehicles, buildings, and entertainment venues Loading Dock products are truly versatile in their application.

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Traffic Light

Stop and Go Traffic Light SG

Industrial Stop and Go Lights, Traffic Lights, warehouse signals, and Stop Lights can be ordered in a variety of configurations and housing colors. Increasing safety on your dock through effective communication signals truck drivers and fork lift operators interact more efficiently. Upgrade your exisisting units to LED lenses and receive the added bonus of a three year lens warranty and lower maintenance costs associated with older modeled Incandescent traffic lights.

  • Free Shipping
  • Increases dock safety
  • Improved comunication between driver and loader
  • High intensity LED and incandescent models
  • Black and yellow housing available
  • 12v 24v 115v options 
  • LED upgrade kits for incandescant models

Warning Lights

Industrial Warning Lights are used for warning applications;lighting effects or as a machine status indicator. Choose from Strobe Lights, Rotating Lights, or Flashing Lights.

  • Rotating Beacon Warning Lights
  • Strobe Warning Lights
  • Ul listed models 
  • Weather resistant models

Dock Light Arms

An industrial dock light arm comes in many different styles and designs to suit a wide vareity of dock lighting applications. Whether that is to resist impacts, reach around shelving, or pivot to illuminate hard to reach places our dock lights will resolve most any complication  

  • 24"   Arm - Single Strut Design
  • 40"   Arm - Dual Strut Single Joint Design 
  • 60"   Arm - Dual Strut Single Joint Design
  • 90"   Arm - Dual Strut Double Joint Design
  • 114" Arm - Dual Strut Double Joint Design

Dock Lights Arms With Incandescent Metal Head

The traditional incandescent light head is a standard in the dock light industry proven to be an affordable, tough, long lasting investment for your Loading dock or work area.

  • Durable Design and Construction
  • Super Hard Powder Coat Finish
  • Rated for up to 300 Watts
  • Wire Lamp Guard Included
  • UL Listed

Dock Light Arms With HD LED Dock Light

The HD LED dock Light head uses up to 97% less energy than the traditional 300 Watt Incalescent Light Head, Coupled with a durable cast aluminum housing the Heavy Duty LED Dock Light Is suitable for most any situation. Rated for use in wet, cold, and hot environs the HDLED dock light will suit most applications.   Units are expected to deliver more than 90% lumen maintenance for over 10 years in typical applications and environments. That’s usually more than a 60,000 hour life expectancy. 

  • Uses 97% les energy
  • Rugged Aluminum Housing
  • Instant illumination
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Suitable for food warehouses
  • UL, cUL, & CE Listed
  • ROHS compliant
  • Free Shipping

Dock Light Arms With LED head

The innovative polycarbonate light head housing is an attractive piece of hardware built to be tougher than its metal predecessor.

  • Super Tough
  • Cool to the Touch
  • Non-Conductive/ Non-Corrosive
  • Rated for up to 150 Watts
  • Wire Lamp Guard Included
  • UL Listed

High Pressure Sodium Dock Light

With a High Pressure Sodium Light you will get one of the most energy efficient dock light heads on the market. 

  • Cool to the touch
  • Economical to Use at Only 50 Watts
  • Illumination Equal to 500 Watts (INC)
  • High Pressure Sodium light source
  • Difuser / Bulb Cover Included
  • 24,000 Hour Bulb Included
  • UL Listed

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Industrial Dock Lights

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