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MVLP Rotating Reflector Beacon 110
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MVLP-110 Low Profile Rotating Reflector Beacon
Optional Dome Colors:  Amber, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, or Clear
115 volt
Optional magnet mount with 10' cord and cigarette lighter plug.

Tri Lite's MVLP beacon is a compact and economical warning light that utilizes a rotating reflector under a tough polycarbonate dome.  The light is mounted on a durable ABS plastic base to seal out the elements and preent corrosion.  This versatile light is perfect for fixed or mobile warning applications, lighting effects or as a machine status indicator.

The MVLP is available in a variety of dome colors and in both 12v (order MVLP 12) and 115 VAC models.  This durable light is made in America and comes with a 12 month limited warranty.

  • Single 25 watt incandescent blub
  • 80-90 flashes per minute
  • Quiet belt drive, for simplified maintenance
  • Available in Red, Amber, Blue, Green, Purple, or Clear Acrylic domes
  • 6 1/2 high, 5 1/2 diameter, Shipping Weight - 2lbs

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